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Shooter Jennings – “The Deed and the Dollar”

The 32-year-old son of Jessi Colter and the late Waylon Jennings is not exactly what you would call a mainstream country star, with only one #26-peaking chart hit from 2005 under his belt to date, and he may never be.  Nonetheless, Shooter Jennings has attained a loyal following and critical acclaim even with near-nonexistent radio support.  His new album Family Man will be released on March 17, with it being preceded by the single “The Deed and the Dollar.”

In an open nod to the musical stylings of dear old dad, the new Shooter Jennings single is a simple, instantly likeable 1970’s-style country music love song.  It is easily identifiable as country music, with an arrangement featuring pedal steel and a lightly catchy bass drum beat.  Though certain lyrics may scan as cheesy to the ears of some, Jennings sells the song with a breezy charm and sincerity – which, considering that the video shows that the song to be directed toward Jennings’ longtime girlfriend Drea de Matteo, is hardly surprising.

There are moments in which the lyrics seem to be groping for rhymes – For example:  “We know we’re a good match/ That’s why at our hips we’re attached.”  Fortunately, Jennings’ plain-spoken delivery along with the throwback production covers it so ably that one hardly notices.  Even when Jennings declares that his woman is “finer than frog hair split four ways,” it seems to make perfect sense.  While a few borderline-hokey lines may be a turnoff to some ears, the creative rhyming schemes give the song a distinct identity, and help it to stand out from the crowd.  Though “The Deed and the Dollar” is composed of some seemingly rudimentary ingredients, all the goodness adds up to a single worth more than the sum of its parts.

While it’s hard to imagine this song being embraced by country radio, there’s no denying that it would impart some much-needed musical variation and good old-fashioned sincerity to the current country music landscape.  At any rate, if “The Deed and the Dollar” is indicative of anything, Family Man is bound to be a keeper.

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CD Giveaway: The Music Inside – A Collaboration Dedicated to Waylon Jennings, Volume II

Who’s ready for another contest?  I know I am.

This February will mark the ten-year anniversary of the death of the legendary Waylon Jennings.  On February 7, the new Waylon Jennings tribute album The Music Inside:  A Collaboration Dedicated to Waylon Jennings, Volume II will be released.  The eleven-track collection includes contributions from the likes of Dierks Bentley, Hank Williams, Jr., Montgomery Gentry, and Jewel, among others, plus Jennings’ widow Jessi Colter and son Shooter.

The 1-to-10 Country Music Review has two copies on reserve to ship off to two readers, courtesy of Girilla Marketing.  To enter to win, simply leave a comment below answering this one question:  What made Waylon Jennings a great artist?  Or if that question is a bit too heavy, I’d be glad to hear what your favorite Jennings songs are instead.

The deadline for eligible comment submission Saturday, February 4.  Comments must include a valid email address so that I can contact you if you win (Your email address will not be shared publicly).  In the case of users posting multiple comments, only the first comment will be considered eligible.  Two winners will be chosen with the aid of a random number generator.  After the deadline, I will post a comment announcing the winners.


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LeAnn Rimes, Lady & Gentlemen Tracklist Revealed

After being delayed for a year, LeAnn Rimes’ new covers album Lady & Gentlemen will finally hit stores on September 27.  With this 14-song set, Rimes will offer her own re-interpretations of classic country songs originally recorded by male artists.  The album will also include the original song and current single “Give,” as well as a re-recorded version of her classic 1996 debut single “Blue.”

Fans can listen to the album online 48 Hours in advance of release at, and album is now available for pre-order on iTunes

“This album was born out of the memories of when I first fell in love with country music and in reflecting, I realized that almost all of my favorite country songs from back then were sung by men,” says LeAnn of the album. “I am honored to take a step back in time and sing these songs from a woman’s perspective and hopefully help reintroduce them to a new audience.”

The final track listing is as follows:

1.            Swingin’    3:00

(originally recorded by John Anderson, released in 1982)

2.            Wasted Days And Wasted Nights    4:04

(originally recorded by Freddy Fender, released in 1975) 

3.            Only Mama That’ll Walk The Line    2:37

(originally recorded by Waylon Jennings “Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line”, released in 1966)

4.            I Can’t Be Myself    3:10

(originally recorded by Merle Haggard, released in 1970)

5.            16 Tons    2:39

(originally recorded by Tennessee Ernie Ford, released in 1955)

6.            Help Me Make It Through The Night    2:58

(originally recorded by Kris Kristofferson, released in 1970)

7.            Rose Colored Glasses    3:04

(originally recorded by John Conlee, released in 1978)

8.            Good Hearted Woman    3:38

(originally recorded by Waylon Jennings, released in 1972)

9.            When I Call Your Name    3:49

(originally recorded by Vince Gill, released in 1990)

10.          He Stopped Loving Her Today    2:26

(originally recorded by George Jones, released in 1980)

11.          Blue   2:26

(originally recorded by LeAnn Rimes, released in 1996)

12.          Bottle Let Me Down    3:29

(originally recorded by Merle Haggard, released in 1966)

13.          Crazy Women    3:22

(bonus track – original new song)

14.          Give    4:31

(bonus track – original new song)


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