Music Video Round-Up – February 2011

05 Feb

Quite a diverse group of videos in this month’s Music Video Round-Up.  This edition includes contributions from new artists, established hitmakers, an indie artist, a veteran group, and even some bluegrass from Dierks Bentley.

Randy Montana, “1,000 Faces”

Surprisingly (or not), this video has a lot of faces in it.

Danielle Car, “Walk of Shame”

A fun and energetic performance by a talented indie country artist from Detroit.

Ashton Shepherd, “Look It Up”

Why, Miss Ashton!  Somebody should wash your mouth out.  But still a cute and funny video nonetheless.  In the “Look It Up” video, Ashton claims sweet revenge on her philandering man by selling off his belongings at a yard sale.

The Harters, “If I Run”


Taylor Swift, “Back to December”

I think the snow falling indoors is actually pretty cool.  It’s definitely in character with the song.

Joe Nichols, “The Shape I’m In”

Joe Nichols’s video for “The Shape I’m In” puts a new and different spin on the song by applying the sentiments to a soldier recovering from injuries.

Steel Magnolia, “Last Night Again”

Steel Magnolia’s video for “Last Night Again” fits the song perfectly, and also places it in an interesting setting – a bowling alley.

Alabama, “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”

Emerson Drive, “When I See You Again”

A tribute to former member Patrick Bourque, who died one month after resigning from the band.  You can tell there’s a lot of emotion packed into this video.
Dierks Bentley, “Fiddlin’ Around”

I’ll start appraising the video once I get over how cool the record itself sounds.


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2 responses to “Music Video Round-Up – February 2011

  1. Zack

    February 5, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    The Harters, Swift, and Emerson Drive videos were the only ones that were captivating enough to keep me watching in their entireties.I tried to get into the Steel Magnolia video, but the concept of Grease-ish characters is worn on me, and the song itself wasn't that appealing.The Ashton Sheppard video, I couldn't watch, because Vevo blocked… their own video… due to copyright content… by Vevo… I'm going to leave that one alone.The others weren't as interesting so I didn't watch them all in their entirety. However, I wasn't into the Bently one and Alambama one because I don't like the concepts of concert-based videos or recording-studio based ones. (though the Bently song is cool) And I was disappointed that the Carr video took the concert-based video approach after that cool intro that made it seem like it would be like Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man" video.Onto the ones I did like:The Harpers: Simple Beauty won out in the end, and it helped that the song is beautiful; i wonder what the pictures in the water meant, something to keep me guessing!Swift: I feel as if this was her first real "mature" (as in grown-up) video, and couldn't help but feel as if this would be more in place among a VH1 video countdown compared to a CMT video countdown, either way it was a great concept and the first video I've liked of Swift's since "White Horse."Emerson Drive: It was compelling enough, but I didn't feel much emotion from anyone but the lead singer who was visibly on the brink of tears. But I will say that it was a great video and I think was well-crafted. The simplicity was baringly beautiful, something that was akin to the beautiful creation of Sugarland's "Stay."

  2. Anonymous

    February 6, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    A few thoughts: I'll start from the bottom up…LOVE the Dierks song. Though not a fan of the choppy video style, I enjoy the song enough to watch. Well done!EMERSON: Started watching, got depressed, stopped watching. Maybe it's the one to catapult them back in the spotlight, but the subject matter's too heavy for me on a Super Bowl Sunday morning. Sorry.ALABAMA:…can do no wrong in my eyes. Love the song and as far as the video goes, Zack, what do you want from them? Pole dancers or synthetic snow in their living room? This is perfect for the song and where they are career-wise.STEEL MAGNOLIA: I've got enough cheese in my Dorito bag, thank you. Pass.JOE NICHOLS: While I acknowledge that the song may have been written for men/women in the armed forces, I'm inclined begin seeing it as a crutch in country music today. The sentiment is admirable, but I feel the subject loses its impact when its so…dare I say it, overused. Maybe I'm a sinic, but I thought "oh another military rah-rah video".TAYLOR SWIFT: I skipped it. It's Taylor Swift, are we really gonna get anything THAT different?THE HARTERS: I like the video…beautifully shot. I don't care for the song. It's waaaaay oversung. If she cut back on her intensity vocal-wise, it'd work a little better for me. Example: the "yeah, yeahs" after the first chorus. Relax, girl!ASHTON SHEPARD: Came up blocked and I don't care enough to seek it out elsewhere.DANIELLE CAR: I agree Zack, the intro is great. I also think the video is a perfect introduction to what seems like an incredibly talented and engaging artist. For a first video, I think it's a smart choice…watched the whole thing and would like to hear and see more.RANDY MONTANA: I think the video is fine, the song is fine, but not so sure this is different enough on any level to break through. Valiant effort.


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